Common Consumer Behavior Models for Businesses

Consumer behavior models help you develop a better understanding of tow truck and other business customer base. These models are either traditional or contemporary as we will look at them. In content business, it is very important to understand buyer behavior. Buyer behavior refers to individual buying habits that are based on influences from their place in society, personal beliefs among other preferences. Businesses aim at understanding buyer behavior by conducting customer behavior analysis. This analysis involves qualitative and quantitative analysis that targets a certain market. Consumer behavior models contextualize on behavior analysis as they explain why and how customers make purchasing decisions. Here are the most important models you need to be aware of;

Learning Model

The learning model of customer behavior is based on the theory that buyer behavior responds to the desires to satisfy basic needs that are required for survival such as food and shelter, as well as learned needs that arise from lived experiences. This model takes influence from Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  When you look at that model, the bottom part of the hierarchy represents needs and the ascending section describe learned needs or what we call secondary desires. These allow users to feel as though they have reached self fulfilment. With the learning model, we get to understand that consumers first make purchase to satisfy their basis needs them move on to meet their learned needs.

Psychoanalytic Model

Sigmund Freud is the father of this model. The model draws from his theories and says that individual consumers have deep rooted motives that drive them to make a purchase. These motives can be hidden fears, suppressed desires as well as personal belongings. Customers will make purchases depending on how they respond from what they watch on ads, as long as it appeals to their desires. This model is very unique in terms of application. You may instruct your marketing team to create ads that display pictures of any product you want to promote and influence people to make purchases based on what they see.

Sociological Model

This model of consumer behavior is based on the principle that purchases are influenced by an individual’s place within different societal groups, such as family, friends and workgroups. An individual will essentially purchase an item based on what is appropriate or typical for that group. An example is how C suite executives are expected to be professional and formal. People who hold these jobs will make purchases that speak to and uphold group rules such as formal business wear. This model is applicable to most businesses especially those that create products and services that are relevant to specific groups. With the use of this model, you will want to create experiences that speak of how these group usually act.

We also have another model known as black model. With this model, it says that customers are individual thinkers that process internal and external stimuli to make purchase decisions. Consumers will come into contact with external stimuli from your business marketing mix and other external stimuli as they proces it in their mind.

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