How to Hire for Your Customer Support Team

Companies are increasingly faced with a lot of pressure to make the right decision when it comes to hiring. The hiring process has never been straightforward. This is the case especially when you are coming up with a team to handle customer issues, in what we mostly call customer success teams. Customer support or success teams often consist of employees coming from different backgrounds, with each providing their own skill sets to the team. However, their specializations will always differ. There are key skills and traits evident that define customer success teams.

Here are some notable skills that define customer success teams.

Problem Solving

If you work in customer support, then your number one task is to solve customer issues and problems. It is a key reactionary role where employees are suddenly tasks with new challenges as they emerge from a customer. You can’t avoid the problem or transfer it to anyone. You must be prepared to deal with it. You will be responsible for finding a solution to the problems customers are facing. Successful support reps are excellent problem solvers. Even if they don’t know the immediate solution to a roadblock, they understand the power of research to come up with a solution.


Since customer support is a reactionary role, the best customer reps are quite flexible and can adapt to various roadblocks on their way. Even at instances where two customers are experiencing the same glitch, a customer rep will be adaptable to know that these two cases are not the same. Each customer will always have specific needs that reps will always aspire to solve. Reps who are adaptable can recognize all these needs and provide exact solutions that match customer interests.


Customer support can be quite frustrating. After all, your key task is to look for answers that may even not exist. You will be tasked with the responsibility of appeasing customers who will be waiting eagerly for a solution. Customer reps need to be tenacious and determined to overcome all roadblocks. They need to be resilient in that they are not carried over by frustrations to a point of giving up on the customer.

When looking to come up with a team, there are various elements you must get right. You will need to hire a customer support rep. This is the most fundamental role in the customer support team. These will be employees who are on your front line, fielding phone calls and speaking directly to your customers. They identify and report any issue a customer is facing.

You will also need to hire a customer support manager. The work of the manager is to oversee the entire team. They work hard in ensuring support teams are meeting customer demands and that an organization is on course to its long or short-term goals. They do so by managing various elements including employee scheduling, handling escalated cases, and motivating reps to ensure they meet their targets. Whatever team you come up with, have a rigorous hiring process.

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