Steps to Build a Customer Feedback Culture

A bad or nonexistent customer service has proven to cost more in tow truck businesses than adopting a sustainable customer experience management practice. After a single bad experience, 22 percent of customers will stop doing business with you. If you can make a mistake, own it up, customers are more likely to give you a second chance and an opportunity to do business with you again. Stats show only 11 percent of large companies have a strong customer experience program. To define a culture that is central to your customers, you must collect vital data about them. In most cases, it starts with collecting and understanding customer feedback properly. After that, companies can address the issue of feedback both individually and on a company wide scale.

Never Hide or Delete Customer Comments

No matter how great the temptation might be, you should never delete or hide negative customer feedback from whichever source it coming from. You need to acknowledge constructive customer feedback as this is the first step towards building a transparent and customer centric culture. If a negative comment is left online and in public, you need to address the same and apologize to the customer. Ensure you are sympathetic, friendly and quite useful in addressing all issues raised. If the feedback was left for you and your company privately, find out if the person wants to be contacted. If yes, be helpful, friendly, apologetic and address the issue substantially.

Analyze customer feedback

You need to share and analyze customer feedback on a regular basis. Do not want until when we have a board meeting to discuss customer issue. Making customer centric discussions a consistent part and process of your company undertaking will bring you the much-needed success to grow.  If you can address customer feedback immediately, it sets the bar high for your customers and this helps in building your online reputation. You need to collect and address customer feedback as early as possible. Always strive at offering the fastest and best customer support you can.

Align customer support and sales

In most cases, customer support and sales are never aligned. However, their collaboration is very crucial for success of any business. When your largest customer facing teams work together, your customers get more value from your products and your sales team is able to create a more effective sales process. Aligning customer support and sales will get customers happier, lead to higher retention rates as well as higher revenues.

Ensure customer feedback is available to everyone

Ensure you make customer feedback to be available to everyone to learn. At many successful companies, customer feedback is shared on channels such as slack that gets followed by whole team. Doing so helps to follow and address the feedback in real time and also inspires team mates with the aim of bringing customer feedback closer to those employees who don’t have to deal with customers directly. You also need to find mistakes and teach people how to perform better, when faced with different customer situations.

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